- drawing faces of MTH members
- performing contemporary dance with my whole family along with an MTH song
- rearranging my boring room to an MTH filled room to shock my family
- taking an Instagrammable, fancy, pretty and stylish photo wearing an MTH T-shirt
- playing, singing or remixing MTH songs with my own arrangements
- making a short CG animation film with MTH member characters
- creating a DOJINSHI (fan fiction book) of MTH
- making a mascot costume of “Fat Era” Maximum the Ryo-kun
- super exaggerated MTH cosplay
- making an original app
- customizing a car, motorcycle or musical instrument with MTH theme
- getting plastic surgery to be a lookalike of Daisuke-han
and so on...

This party will be held after the state of emergency ended and traveling across the prefectural borders was accepted by the government. Actual date will be set after discussing with the winner.

Mimikajiru will pay for the domestic travel fee from your house to the venue.

In case the winner lives abroad, the winner will pay for the travel fee to Japan.

This party will be filmed and the video will be publicized so please BE SURE to apply after accepting it. You cannot decline this prize.
Combine the artworks of the T-shirts released in the past and make your special T-shirts!
Just like that, you can pick 3 design parts from MTH T-shirts that have been released before and the T-shirts will be given to you for free! [The designs that can be selected]

You cannot select design parts from collaboration T-shirts and the T-shirts that are too old and we don’t have the design data. Regarding the details such as the size and color of the body, you can discuss it with Maximum the Ryo-kun after winning the prize, at the sleepover party. (For the other winners, Mimikajiru staff will ask questions by e-mail.)

You can select one combination and 3 T-shirts of the same design will be provided.
If you show this FAST PASS to a staff member at the merch booth of an MTH show or a music festival, the staff will lead you to the front of the line and so you’ll be able to buy merch quickly. You cannot use this for the other bands’ merch booth. If you thought so, you are way over cocky!

If the merch booth is set inside the ticket gate, you’ll need the ticket to use the FAST PASS.

There is no expiration date, but this FAST PASS can be used only once. The pass will be collected by staff when used.

Please understand that this FAST PASS cannot be used at certain music festivals.

Depending on the time you use the fast pass, some items can be sold out.
After the coronavirus situation got better and the band started scheduling the shows, you can pick 3 shows you want to come. There is no expiration date, but we are sorry if the band breaks up before you use up 3 tickets!!!!

You pay the travel fee to the venues. (Yeah, you know you do.)

- The right to receive the prize will be given only to the person who actually applied the creation. So you cannot assign the right to the others including your family.

- If a team won the first prize, up to 2 persons can come to the sleepover party and Invitation Tickets for shows held by MTH, and one will have the customized T-shirt and one will have the merch fast pass.

Express your love for MTH with your creations. Any forms and styles are welcomed.

Application before and after this period will be invalid.
If the data isn’t properly uploaded, the application will be invalid.

- Any pros, amateurs, individuals and teams can apply.
*Teams are required not to get together physically to avoid being infected by coronavirus.
- No age limits (A minor need to have parental approval to apply,)
- When only you can agree that the photos and videos of your creations and yourself are used for MTH works.

You can apply only on the web.
Upload your digital creations to YouTube, Dropbox, Google Photos or any other digital file transfer web services and get the URL of the data. For analog creations, take photos of it and upload the data. If it’s a 3D work, take photos from different angles and apply.
Use Application Form to send your information such as name, address, contact and the URL of your creation data.
We DO NOT accept any applications by sending actual pieces.

*To applicants who upload the creations to YouTube
- Be sure to limit access to your video by selecting "Unlisted " in the broadcasting and sharing option.
- If you use MTH music or/and the video (playing, singing, re-mixing, using them in the background and so on), your video might be deleted when it is considered as an illegal upload by YouTube. In that case, please try the other way such as using file transfer services.

- Applied creations are possibly used in MTH’s shows and video works even if the creations didn’t win the prize. And the creations applied are strictly prohibited to be sold or commoditized.
- One individual or one team can apply only once. If you apply more than 2 creations, all the applications will be invalid.
- We cannot answer to any questions regarding the examination process, progress nor selection results.
- Your personal information provided on your application is used only for the selection of the winners.
- You can publicize your creation through SNS while you are making it, but please do not publicize the image of finished work before the winners are announced. You can publicize your finished work freely after the result was released.
- Apply the creation that hasn’t been commoditized. When we know it has, the application will be invalid.
- Apply the creation that hasn’t been released or won any sort of prizes. When we know it has, the application will be invalid.

at MTH Official YouTube Channel

*The time and date TBA